Special Services

The stylists at Lenneth Miller Hair Studio are expert colorists are highly trained in latest techniques and up to date on the latest cutting edge trends in the industry. We are proud to use only the best hair color formulas to achieve amazing color effects that will give your hair depth and dimension.

Special Services 
The Art of hair painting, Balayage, is a unique highlighting technique mastered by our artists. A lighter color is artistically "swept" onto the ends and carried up the strands of hair for a gradual lightening effect to create the look of "sun-kissed" hair.
Olaplex Bond Perfector
(Add Olaplex Bond Perfector to any Highlight service for an additional $10.00) Go Blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of your hair. Olaplex reconnects hair bonds that are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical service. Add this healing treatment to your highlight service to achieve a safer and more healthy high-lift blond.
Additional $10
This advanced hair color technique in when the upper portion of the hair is colored a darker color while the tips and lower sections of the hair are colored with a lighter shade that blend into a darker tone at the top.
Dimensional Color
Are you looking for a little more than color or highlights? Are you looking for a beautiful balance of highlight, lowlight and color? Consult with your stylist to bring dimension and movement to your hair.
*Priced Upon Consultation

No two heads of hair are the same. Prices are dependent upon many factors including the length, thickness and condition of the hair before a service begins. Prices listed here are “starting at” and may be subject to change based on certain conditions. A consultation with your stylist prior to each service will clarify pricing based upon the needs of each guest.